Sinister: David Russell lured his 19-year-old victim to Harlestone Firs forest in Northampton and has been jailed for her attempted murder
David Russel 
Well according to various news outlets, YES! He did. The Dumb-asses name is David Russel. Russel claimed that his name was Oli Sykes when he met the young American girl (19 years of age) on Facebook last year. After having an ongoing relationship on Facebook the young girl flew from California to the UK just to meet this douche bag. When she arrived he blind folded her, claiming that he wanted to show her a surprise, well the surprise just so happened to be a dark forest and in that forest, the weirdo slit her throat, stabbed her in the back four times and then hit her in the face with a log.  

If you don't know who Oli Sykes looks like .... Here is a picture for you

And here is a photo of the forest he met her in, in Northampton
Deserted: Russell met his victim in Harlestone Firs Forest, Northampton where he blindfolded and attacked her

Now i don't really know who to blame here. Do i blame the young girl for being extremely silly and naive? Do i blame her parents for allowing their child to fly so far away to meet a stranger? Do i blame the young mans parents for creating a sick and evil child? or do i just blame both?

The young girl should of done research, it's kind of common sense. Celebrities always confirm their social networking sites and judging by this kids face would you honestly believe that he was Oli Sykes? 

What do you guys think? and is 17 years in jail enough for someone that is clearly mentally deranged?