The Stags are a very talented band that enjoys writing music and having a laugh, this definitely comes across through within their music. Their sound is very raw, unique but at the same time contains an element of soul within it because of their lead singers rather special voice. Luckily, i had the chance to interview band mates Alessio and Chris and i have to say it had to be the funniest interview that i have done so far, have a read !
Chris: Alessio is from Italy, George is from Brighton and Oisin is from Denmark. It’s pretty fucked up that we all met in a students accommodation in Hackney, London. 
Chris: (laughing) No, not at all. My mum wanted me to learn the guitar when I was younger but I always refused to, i wanted to be different from my brother, he was the guitarist and I was the footballer. I just wanted to be a footballer. 
AlessioI've always dreamed about it but i never really thought it could happen but now I’ve got fucking faith.
Chrismy mother was a musician when she was younger and that influenced me a lot, i was exposed to artists like Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell and Tracy Chapman. My dad also rammed Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison and The Clash down my ears. 
Alessio: I remember my cousin, Karen, passing me this tape, which was a mix of Korn, The Offspring and Nirvana, when I was 8. That I think was the first proper music I was listening to apart from cartoons themes on tv. Then I started getting into punk, rock’n’roll, grunge and metal, all the music that Italian MTV did not broadcast. 
Chris: We will either be big stadium fillers, or nothing. 
Alessio: I’m with Chris, I love our music, it’s all about seeing if people will love it too or will give us shit.
Chris: I really like the last two ones we've written, ‘I get pleasure’ and ‘keep ya keen’, because i think we play our best when we’re singing rocky songs, they’re more powerful. 
Alessio:I would say that my favorite song is Marks On Ya Fists, just for the way it came out. We were at our students halls, back from a night out, jamming in my room at 5 o’clock in the morning, off our tits. Chris had his progression kit and some lyrics, so I added a few chords, some licks and that was it. This lad form our halls heard us playing and came in my room in the middle of the tune, stayed till we finished and said: “this is the most amazing piece of music I've heard”. He was pretty fucking drunk, but I’m sure he meant it.
Probably some sick historical rock artist.
Chris: Shit!
Alessio: I dunno what to say about the current state of the music industry, but can I say hi to my mum? 
ChrisI've had a few. The ones waking up with a missing front tooth has got to be up there. 
Alessio: I’ll never go to Brighton again; don’t need another scar on my face.
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