BAND OF THE WEEK, this week, is a band called : Castells. This band are definitely bringing REAL rock and roll back, their new single Romance definitely exemplifies that.
We had the opportunity to interview the guys, have a look at the interview below.
No, I think the closest we've been, to creating any sort of human tower, might be a ‘pile on’ haha!
The Castells first existed as a two piece band with Sam Reynolds (Singer) and a different drummer, simply acting upon a love for writing music.  Eventually we brought in Chris, (our current bassist), to add to our sound and we went for around a year as a three-piece.  Then around 10 months ago we became the current ‘Castells’ line up when we got Danny in on drumsand Scotty in on guitar which we’re sure will now remain ‘til the end!
We are all influenced by bands who know how to put on a good live show, such as : The Who, Rolling Stones and The Clash!  If we can ever achieve what they did on stage then we’ll be happy men!
Sam was reading a poem and he was immediately drawn to the word ‘Castell’.  He liked it, and decided to use it for the bands name basically.

Straight forward ‘ROCK AND ROLL’
I don’t think we could share that with you really. Ha ha .We’ll have to leave it to your imagination!
It needs some REAL, proper ‘Rock n Roll’ bands to break through and bring back what music used to be about.  There are no bands showing real attitude anymore and smashing up stages.  Everything is too ‘nicey nice’ at the moment.