Life In Film, is an incredibly talented, four piece band with a great sound. Some might compare them to bands like ‘The Maccabees’, or a more "updated" version of 'The Smiths' but I personally can not see how this band can be compared to anything and that is what makes them so special. Their band consists of four members : Samuel Fry, Dominic Sennett, Micky Osment and Edward Ibbotson, who all enjoy creating music and this definitely comes across through their music. You can not listen to any of their songs without instantly becoming hooked, any band that can grab  an audiences attention immediately, is definitely one to look out for in the future. I have chosen this band as the Band Of The Week because I believe that they have the talent and the passion to become one of the biggest UK rock bands in a couple of years time. I was lucky enough to be able to interview the band. Have a look at what happened !
Dominic, Micky and Sam met whilst studying. We played some music together for a while and then decided to all move to London to start the band properly. We needed to get a guitarist and Sam suggested a hairy guy he went to school with called Ed (Edward Ibbotson). He had prepared an audition piece ‘’Living On A Prayer’’, We liked it and accepted him in to the group. 
The name came to Sam (lead singer), in a dream!
We loved that show! The Top Gun episode was the best!
Well it started when we did an acoustic video for a Youtube channel called Watch Listen Tell. Christopher Bailey the creative director of Burberry watched this video and asked Sam to model for the brand. Everything else has just evolved from that moment really. 
Forest Fire,  You will possibly hear it on the album, It’s a slow song but builds up big.  
LL Cool J released his 2nd album Bigger and Deffer in 1987, the year I was born. I may or may not have heard this, but it influenced my life dramatically. Michael Jackson’s Bad was the first record I remember
Hopefully we’ll have a few albums under our belt and a strong fan base. I imagine at some point all of us will have ideas for side projects but we are just concentrating on Life in Film for now. Ed has already started work on his solo album ‘Wasting Away The Hairs’
There’s definitely a 60’s vibe that runs through the band. Beatles, Stones, Beach Boys. Along side this we all like different bands from hip-hop to folk. Having lots of different influences has really helped us create a very diverse and interesting sound.