So to embrace the on and off 'Summer Season' I decided that I wanted to give you guys an insight into the summer albums that I like to listen to during this time of the year. Now these albums are not placed in any particular order I think 'Charts' and Top 10's are silly ways to brainwash people into buying records. Everyone has their own personal tastes so Charts are irrelevant because everyone has their own ideas of what decent music is, ANYWAY, enough of the wobbling on.... Here are the top 5 albums of the summer

Pala is a typical 'Friendly Fires' album with incredible rhythmic songs, you can not listen to this album with out getting up and dancing. The album was only released a couple of months ago so go out and purchase it, also their second single for the album is our video of the day.

Come Around Sundown is an album by my favorite band Kings Of Leon, this album is completely underrated. Songs like 'Immortals' , 'Beach' and 'Pick up truck' are songs that will go down in history as the greatest songs on an album. I was a little bit disappointed by the single choices (Radio Active, Back Down South & Pyro) because i don't think that they serve the album justice, they are not the best songs on the album. If you haven't already purchased this record then go out and buy buy buy! It's been like a year now so i'm hoping that you have.

Total Life Forever is an album by another great band the 'Foals', this album was released in 2010. It's funny because the album cover appears to display all the emotions that you feel when you listen to this record , it makes you want to run down to the beach and swim, this is purely an amazing summer album.

Contra is an album by 'Vampire Weekend' it isn't as complex as the other albums but if you play it at full blast during a barbecue it definitely fits the mood, it's a conventional album.

Tourist History was my favorite album last year, every single song on this record was great and that is all i can say.