Review Review Review ; KOL - Come Around Sundown

Ok people , yes Kings Of Leons new album Come around sundown is due to be released on the 19th of this month but it was recently leaked and i managed to listen to the whole album on YouTube. I felt really bad after doing it but i was so eager and excited i couldn't wait anymore. BUT ANYWAY.. let me just sum up the album as a whole without giving you too much details on it. The album itself seems very laid back and live so in that aspect if you liked the sound of the last record then you should buy it however even though the sound quality is the same as the last record the actual style of music is completely different. I'm a youth and young manhood fan so i was very annoyed when sex on fire brought them to mainstream success but after listening to this record i got goosebumps. Its incredible and it sounds like they've taken there music back to the old days. It's evident that the bands learnt and developed from album to album and this album gives you all of their 4 albums stuffed into one amazing CD. 

I'd rate this album 3 out of 5 (Good)
Support my band and buy the record on the 19th or pre-order on their website, Keep rock alive!