Now this idiot has been named the idiot of the day before but after the comments that she made during her show in Brazil, she has been placed back into the Idiot hall of fame and it appears to me, that she will continue to be placed back into this category if she doesn't learn how to shut the fuck up. If you couldn't be bothered to waste your time listening to her talk, here are some of the comments she made, after a fan threw up a picture of the legendary Kurt Cobain ;

'I am not Kurt, I had to live with his fucking shit, his kids, his ghost everyday, throwing that up is stupid and rude' 

 hmm i thought that 'his kids' were your kids too or was i mistaken ? and 'his kids' will have to watch this video and read all of the negative comments about you and be embarrassed, what a great mother, and by constantly drumming on about how much of a hassel Kurt was it just shows how 'rude' you are Courtney, have some respect.

'You didn't get kicked out of a band by Dave , he did. Go to a fucking Foo-Fighters show and do that shit'

Is she high?, how does this have any relevance. The fan was simply paying his respects to Kurt, surely if you loved this man you would embrace this and be thankful? am I wrong here?

'I don't care about what you listen to at home but the guy takes food off of my kids table, FUCK him'

Bare in mind that Courtney is a drug addict, the only person taking food off of her kids table is her and i hope for their sake she stops the silly comments and the drugs and goes back to focusing on creating great records like she did back in the day.