The SINGLE OF THE WEEK, this week goes to an artist that we are all very fond of here at GIR&R, her name is , Alana Stewart. Earlier on this year we named her the , Artist Of The Week and since then she has been working on creating amazing new material for 2012, she will definately be someone to look out for in the future. 

Her new single, Boy Next Door, is a lust song. The video was directed by Alice Millar. With help from artist Heidi Howard, the two of them hand-crafted the male puppet and his work-shed- and built the entire puppet concept and scene from scratch.
'The video plays with the idea that when we are lust-struck, we are manipulated by our object of desire. When its mutual, we can manipulate them just as much as they can manipulate us. So I appear to be “real” in the video, and he appears to be the puppet- but nevertheless he is manipulating my thoughts, moves and desires.' - Alana Stewart

This song is truly something that we could listen to every day. Have a watch and see what you think!

To purchase this incredible song click on the link below!

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Also check out the interview we did with her earlier this year, if you missed it,  to get to know more about the artist.