The Idiots Of The Day today are, The Drums. Some of you probably do not know who this band is, personally i like a few of their tracks but recently they have really annoyed me. Their lead singer made a dumb-ass comment about Kings Of Leon by stating that the band should 'break up' he also called them an 'American Bar Rock band' and said that 'Sex on fire' was the worst song that he ever heard. It gets even more humorous, the lead singer then went onto say that none of their songs touched him in any way and said that Britney Spears was better. Now personally i do not believe that this band is in any position to comment on music with substance, their last album was forgettable and the lyrical content in their songs aren't exactly spectacular, to me it seems like this band is extremely jealous of Kings Of Leon's success. Instead of bashing bands that provide you with a substantial platform, focus on developing your own craft and stop being a bunch of hipster prats because its not cool, it is just arrogant.