Well since we are at Glastonbury and Reading festival is coming up i think its only appropriate to do a LookBook segment related to festivals and what you need to bring and wear!

First of all, always make sure you bring a rain coat either packed in your bag, car, or a pocket sized one that unravels because English weather is so unpredictable. Always wear either boots or wellies, trainers soak in the mud too much and by the end of the night you'll feel freezing and cold if its raining, that brings me to my next point! bring a scarf but not a thin scarf make sure its made out of 100% wool or fur otherwise you'll be freezing when it hits 10 o clock, unless its a hot day. You need sun cream, sunglasses and a small bag. Always make sure your bag is placed in front of you! pick pocketers see festivals as great places to steal your belongings, always be alert! and lastly, bring a disposable camera and turn off your mobile, you don't want your battery to die now do you?. If your looking for good tents go to Argos, they may be expensive but i think its worth the money, if you want cheap tents that will probably break down or soak in rain then go to Asda! they sell tents at around 20 pounds. Anyway, have a look at some festival looks that are in trend this summer.