IO is an incredible synth, pop, band that have the ability to make you dance from hearing just 30 seconds of one of their tracks, after listening to a number of their songs we decided that we had to interview these guys, so have a look at what happened below.

So guys how did the band come together?

We basically came together through a mutual appreciation of rhythm, melody and BBQing.

What artists/bands would you say your band is influenced by?

We have a really varied pool of influences ranging from electronic based artists such as Crystal Castles & M83, guitar bands such as Foals & Friendly Fires, dance/dubby sort of sounds such as Four tet, Burial right through to older hip hop artists such as Big L and Masta Ace. Basically nothing if off limits in terms of us looking at it for something we all like within it.We try to create a sound which comes from a place where all our collective influences meet.

What inspires you when writing music?

The trials and tribulations of everyday life. Turning the grey and mundane into something a little more colourful. That and take away food.

If you had to collaborate with someone who would it be and why?

Probably someone like Thom Yorke, his track record pretty much speaks for itself. Or someone totally different from ourselves, like Kanye West maybe,.

Whats the story behind the bands name?

It comes from our common love of Professor Brian Cox's dulcet tones.

Whats your worst nightmare?

Waking up to a world with no rhythm. 

Do you think that the are that you are from influenced your sound?

North Yorkshire is a beautiful place and we all love living here, we like to think naturally the serene open spaces around us make their way into our music.