Well guys i know i promised some photos from the event but the photos i too were really blurred, i'm going to still post them and try and see if i can find some good photographs and videos for you. So as promised i'm going to basically give you my take on the day , carefully illustrated with bad quality photos, this shall be a fun read.  

So lets start with MONA shall we.
MONAs set was honestly one of the highlights of the day, they definitively lifted up the crowds spirits after we had been waiting in the rain hours and standing in the mud, luckily as soon as they came on the sun started to shine and the weather was automatically warm. 

There were a two other bands/performances on the night such as Paul Weller and another band (i cant remember the name unfortunately but they were really good). Paul Wellers set seemed to drag on, longer than it really needed to. All of his songs sounded the same there was no diversity and everyone seemed to be getting tired and bored , when you hear a crowd of 65000 be completely silent that's when you know something is not right.

The White Lies were good but just like Paul Weller their songs seemed to sound way too similar, they played the usual hits 'bigger than us' , 'Death' & 'Fear Well to the fairground'.
The crowd didn't really seem amused, i could tell that the band were disappointed by the crowds reaction but i think that everyone was just tired from waiting for so long.

I must say that this years event was not as great as last years, everyone was squashed in and there were too many drunken fights, people passing out, bottles of piss being thrown and grown men (probably in their 30s) squashing children and little girls all for one thing, just to be at the front. I think that Hyde Park should not sell alcohol because of people just like that , my bestfriend was in tears during KOL's set because she had got into a fight with a 30 year old (she is 17), luckily, Caleb threw a guitar pick and she caught it otherwise i think we would of left.

My Best friends On the left hand side 
   Kings of leon's set was not as great as i would of liked, they played obvious songs and only played for and hour and a half. Caleb stated half way through that his voice was shot and apologized, i thought that he sounded great. Although they played obvious songs when they payed tribute to Ryan Dunn (during McFearless) i got rather emotional, everything just hit me, i think his death has definitely hit close to home even though i never got to meet him, it just makes you realize how short life really is and that you should appreciate your life and everyone that's in it.             

Here are some photos of Kings of leon but its abit fuzzy, as i mentioned before im going to try and find some quality photos but for now CHECK THIS OUT!

Caleb during fans

I decided to take a picture of the crowd