Let me start by saying that if you were effected in anyway by the London Riots my heart is with you.

Let me start with the yobs..

The Idiots of the day today are the yobs that hijacked what was originally a peaceful protest of a man shot dead in Tottenham, now young boys (or shall i say FOLLOWERS with no brain) are going around destroying the whole entire city. I want to know where their parents are at this moment in time? if you know your child is retarded , don't let them out because WE the tax payer, have to pay for this damage. Steal what you like you just look poor and dirty. Break into peoples homes because you just look evil and karma is going to get you back 100 times harder. Message to all of you rioters, YOU ARE COWARDS and you aren't tough either, tough boys don't travel in mass numbers they travel by themselves and since you are going against your own people, i hope you are prepared for the backlash that comes with that, one day you will break into the  wrong house and someone will seriously hurt you, so carry on, you scum.

Look at some of these morons and if you see them , throw an egg or find out where they live, lets see how they feel when their homes are on fire.
Late night looters: A group of youths run through the streets in Dalston, east London, after breaking into the area's Kingsland shopping centre
You've got these idiots, one of them visibly showing their disgusting face.
Lowest of the low: The teenager continues to tend to the wounds on his face as thieves make off with the contents of his rucksack
You've got this council estate, prehistoric face looking man, robbing this helpless Asian guy.
A masked man walks past a burning car outside a Carhartt store in Hackney. Violence is also taking place in Peckham and Lewisham
You've got this fat ass that needs to hit the gym.
Hackney: Dozens of riot police in helmets and shields surround a rioter in Hackney yesterday afternoon. Police have struggled to contain the violence across London
This idiot that is obviously suffering with alopecia.
Police officers in riot gear drag a man along a street in Hackney
This oldie that looks like Iggy Pop.
Taking over the streets: A large crowd gathered in this street in Hackney, east London, before clashing with he police
You've got these IDIOTS covering their faces, aww is mummy going to slap you when you get home? is that why you can't show your faces huh?

I Could really go on for days but i wont, i want to move onto the DUMB-ASS police force. First of all these dumb-ass's didn't even contact the family of the shot victim , that is equal to being a bunch of COWARDS. Second of all they lied and claimed that there was a gun battle but then recently denied that claim. So... two shots were fired against someone who is unarmed? hmm... sounds reasonable doesn't it? The police started this disaster and they can't seem to end it because they are out numbered, if you are able to shoot an innocent man, why are you UNABLE to shoot these yobs that are ruining our lives. The law system in this country is completely shitter than shit water. 

Lets move onto to dumb-ass David Cameron and all the other politicians that are all talk and no purpose. We don't want to hear hour long speeches, we want to see action and David Cameron is partly to blame for this because of all of his stupid ass cuts. I said when they raised the tuition fees that something is going to happen and they won't be able to control it and now look.. LOOK at what has happened. Look how long the Labour party has been in power and i have NEVER seen this before. 

O YEAH and i also want to call out all of the people blaming black people, as you can see from these photographs, all people from different races are involved. I'm sure you can see that the issue is a lot bigger than race right now, unless you are mentally unstable, brain dead or just blind.