I am not generalizing the whole of Britain because i know that there are people with brains out there. However, after reading a variety of comments on YouTube, Facebook and The Daily Mail, it seems as though a lot of people in Britain, are suffering with visual disabilities. They fail to accept that their own people are partaking in violence and riots, so they use other races as scapegoats (typical). I was generally angry yesterday by the things that i read, i was thinking: Are these the people that my grandfather really fought for in the war?, why did he even bother?, these people do not even like black people. A lot of people are making comments that make no logical sense 'Blame Hip-hop', a lot of people listen to Hip-hop and i am sure that they aren't outside looting and committing crimes. Why can't we blame The Clash for creating songs like 'White riot'? I also saw comments saying, 'These people are not British, they are imported', Let me show you some pictures that dismiss that.
Looters - including a young boy - rob drink from Sainsbury's Local store in Manchester
Is he black?
He wanders back across the street and stands with a group of teenagers as the store on the city's Market Street goes up in flames
Is he black?
Two kids make a run for it from a riot store in Manchester
They look pretty 'British' to me.
Manchester: A masked looter runs off with items from Sainsbury's Local in Manchester

I think i rest my case, i am just over these people now, but as i said i know its only a small amount of people. I have a lot of friends that are embarrassed by some of the comments we have seen. The more we fail to accept responsibilities, the more problems this country will see. Lets see some of the things that 'Imported' people actually did to help protect their communities shall we.

Man in riot gear in Manchester

Southall: Sikh worshipers protect their temple Singh Sabha Sikh Temple in Havelock Road, Southall. They are pictured holding their swords known as Talwars

Help: The middle-aged man (left) is assisted by police before being taken to hospital
And whoever beat this man up, your time is soon near the end, karma is evil.