Well according to various sources a 24 year old man has been arrested over rape allegations. I think that Melvin Benn the festival 'organiser', needs to organise, a bit of a better security strategy being that this is NOT the first time that this has happened at this festival. In 2010 there was two rape cases that had been reported but nothing happened. Despite all of this ridiculous mess, Melvin Benn told the East Anglia Daily Times that if the allegations are true then its horrible, however he believes that the festival provides great security and he has talked to many festival goers that agree with that too. 

Melvin does have a valid point, but the problem with festivals is that people continuously buy cheap alcohol, get drunk and are unaware of their own actions, i know this myself being that i am constantly at these events, it wouldn't suprise me if someone was raped because i have witness various sexual assaults at festivals, people just don't see the point in reporting it because there aren't any proper security measures that can provide a solid amount of evidence for a strong case.I find it humorous that Melvin Benn has stated that he is 'very happy with security' because he will probably never experience rape so of course he is happy with security, that was a rather stupid comment to make. I don't want to ruin the reputation of this festival because there probably are a lot of people that like going to it ,but personally, i would not go to this festival.