Liam Winter is a singer and songwriter from Manchester, i think that his music doesn't need be explained through a brief introduction, all you need to do is press play and you will understand why we just had to get in touch with him and interview him, have a listen to his song called: Warn the Captain.

When I was 10, I picked up my dads guitar and pretty much said “I WANT TO PLAY THIS“and I have never looked back since.
No. I never thought I could sing, I still don’t think I can but that doesn't stop me from trying.
I guess at the minute the Bon Iver track Holecene off the latest Bon Iver record is just stunningly beautiful, that band can do no wrong.
I would be a tour bus driver, hopefully for someone crazy and eccentric like Prince, I’d love to see what some artists get up too behind the scenes, I bet Prince just eats food that’s coloured purple. Yeah I want to drive prince around and watch him eat beetroot.
Acoustic, folk-rock, indie songs. With a twist if bitterness.
talking heads, nick drake, the fall, i'm inspired by all kinds of different genres. I have my dad to thank for all my musical influences.