According to the Daily Telegraph, Taiji Sawada, the bass player for a Japanese metal band called : 'X JAPAN', was found dead by warders. Sawada had been arrested previously because of an incident on the 11th of July were he apparently attacked passengers on a plane and then began punching windows, some might find this horrible but i actually find it quite cool, he sounds like he was a typical rock star..BUT ANYWAY! i guess the police didn't find this acceptable and neither did the cabin crew, he was arrested and when he was asked why he did this, he had no explanation. On Thursday night he tried to commit suicide by wrapping a bed sheet around his neck and then attempting to hang himself, he was discovered and then taken to hospital, where he was put on life support. Sadly, yesterday, his life support was turned off and he passed away. I have to say that Taiji was an extremely talented bass player and i am sure his fans will miss him terribly, rest in peace x