The jacket used in the king of Pops thriller video will be going on a world tour and i'm sure that more people will buy tickets to see this than they would for a Amy Whinehouse concert. The garment owner, Milton Verret is planning on taking the jacket around the globe to earn money to help sick children, according to the associated press.  Here's the funny part....the Texan broker paid a staggering $1.8 million (which is about 1.1 million British pounds) for the jacket. Call me ridiculous, but that money could of really went towards the charity, instead what appears to be happening is, instead of actually helping others himself he is getting the general public to do the work for him. It has also been reported that he is getting sponsors involved which means that he really hasn't put any money towards this. Instead of using Michael as a product, he should just be thankful that he has his jacket and try and help sick children in other ways.

Oh yeah question.... Would YOU pay 30 pounds to see this jacket? email us at we want to hear your opinions on this

by Sam